Block Chain

Block Chain

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Course Description

Blockchain is a leading software platform for digital assets. It is a data structure used to create a decentralized ledger and is composed of blocks in a serialized manner. A block contains a set of transactions, a hash of the previous block, timestamp, block reward, block number, and so on. Every block contains a hash of the previous block, thus creating a chain of blocks linked with each other. Every node in the network holds a copy of the blockchain. There are different consensus protocols based on Proof-of-work, proof-of-stake, etc. This technology is implemented in various real-time applications. Crypto currencies, in particular the First and well-known Bitcoin and others such as Ethereum, are canonical examples of the blockchain paradigm. Few other real-time applications include digital identity, smart contracts, digital voting, and IoT applications.

Why Blockchain Internship Course?

In Code Mania Blockchain Internship Course, we aim at learning more about the various facets of Blockchain. The Internship Course mainly focus on creative and critical use of blockchain technology and what it means for entrepreneurial minds, curious investors, and creators. How do blockchains actually work to achieve decentralization? How do smart contracts enable new generation of applications beyond digital money exchange? How do we think and build creatively to explore new opportunities in a world after decentralization?

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