Machine Learning With Python Internship

Machine Learning With Python Internship

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Course Description

Machine learning is a core sub-area of artificial intelligence; it enables computers to get into a mode of self-learning without being explicitly programmed. When exposed to new data, these computer programs are enabled to learn, grow, change, and develop by themselves.

Why machine Learning With Python Internship?

The Workshop begins with a conceptual introduction to machine learning algorithms. This is followed by an introduction to the implementation of estimators in scikit-learn and best practices for using them. The rest of the workshop is focused around specific feature sources, and for each progresses through a short introductory lecture followed by three exercises of progressive difficulty, starting with standard and well-behaved cases, and ending with realworld and realistically problematic case studies. Throughout, the focus of the course is on building deep conceptual understanding, exhaustive practical experience, and covering common mistakes and edge cases. Intermingled in the machine learning material will be short discussions of helpful and diagnostic data visualizations.

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